Planning Toolkit  

In the history of South Louisiana, planning has never been more critical than it is right now. Virtually anyone engaged in or interested in the process of planning in South Louisiana will find information of value in this Toolkit. From overall concepts to specific, hands-on approaches, processes, techniques, and models, the Toolkit will be of benefit to its users.

The Planning Process
This section helps users understand the issues that planning addresses, the types of plans that best suit their community's needs, and how to gain widespread support in the planning process.

Tools for Successful Planning
There are many planning approaches a community might adopt, but some are particularly oriented towards ensuring that a community's values become embodied in its plans. This section demonstrates how planning approaches, analytical tools, and visual simultation techniques work together in the manifestation of a community plan.

Planning Assembly Kit
The most appealing places are those in which there is harmony among all the elements that create them. Landscape and natural systems; flood, wind, and stormwater management; transportation and utilities infrastructure; equity, accessibility and affordability; sustainability; and development patterns are all extremely complex issues found in every community. The Assembly Kit organizes these disciplines into a matrix that allows users to examine each element separately and as part of a larger system.

Tools for Successful Implementation
What methods will help ensure that the plan gets implemented? What financing and funding programs are currently available? This section serves as a guide to navigating the regulations, requirements, incentives, investment, and review boards necessary for successful planning and development. Within this section are also resources for long-term leadership and funding.

Gallery of Plans
This section reviews other planning efforts taking place in South Louisiana, and explains how the Toolkit relates to these efforts. It also suggests where users developing their own community plans can find other regional and community plans that will provide ideas and models.


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