E-alert 17: Look for LA Speaks Inserts in Newspapers Tomorrow!  

Louisiana Speaks Administration
The Louisiana Speaks Regional Vision Poll is off to a tremendous start, already generating excitement in the press and among South Louisiana citizens. Tomorrow, daily newspapers across the state will include an insert that will allow even more citizens to take part in the Louisiana Speaks Regional Vision. Click here to see a list of newspapers carrying the insert. The insert, called Louisiana Speaks Regional Vision, will include a pre-addressed response sheet and enables citizens to speak up and make clear choices for setting policies and spending priorities for South Louisiana's recovery.

STEP 1: Read about our options in the Louisiana Speaks Regional Vision insert
STEP 2: Mark your choices on the Response Sheet
STEP 3: Drop the pre-addressed Response Sheet in the mail or at your nearest public library.

The response sheets will be combined with the feedback from the online and telephone polls to create the Louisiana Speaks Regional Vision.

Remember, you can also speak up:

At your local library, CC's or Starbucks
By calling 1.888.PLAN.2050 (1.888.752.6205)

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Louisiana Speaks is a multifaceted planning process, endorsed by the Louisiana Recovery Authority, to develop a sustainable, long-term vision for South Louisiana in the wake of the destruction caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
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