2007 Louisiana Speaks Legislative Accomplishments  
A number of action items outlined in the Louisiana Speaks Regional Plan were accomplished during the 2007 Session of the Legislature. Some were spearheaded by the Louisiana Speaks team, while others were the good work of allied efforts.

Adopting and Funding the CPRA Master Plan and Annual Plans (see LSRP, pp. 34-5)
SCR 11 and SCR 12 accomplished the first priorities listed in the Louisiana Speaks Regional Plan-adoption of the CPRA Master Plan and its initial Annual Plan. Partial dedicated funding now exists through combined state and federal sources.

Developing of an Office of State Planning (see LSRP, pp. 86-7)
HCR 229 established a study committee to recommend to the 2008 Legislature how to set up an Office of State Planning consistent with the Louisiana Speaks Regional Plan.

Abolishing the Insurance Rating Commission (see LSRP, pp. 36)
Louisiana was the only state that still had an Insurance Rating Commission (IRC). It was widely seen as an impediment to insurers working in Louisiana. Act 459 abolished it.

Developing a State Coastal Land Trust (see LSRP, pp. 59)
SCR 95 established a study committee to recommend to the 2008 Legislature how to set up State Coastal Land Trust, which partially fulfills the Regional Plan's recommendation to set up a Conservation and Mitigation Trust Fund.

Providing Incentives for Alternative Energy Systems (see LSRP, pp. 64)
Act 371 of 2007 Regular Legislative Session established tax incentives for the construction of alternative energy systems, including wind and solar.

Maintaining the State Uniform Construction Code (see LSRP, pp. 34)
HCR 63, which would have suspended the new, stronger Uniform Construction Code for Louisiana, was tabled.

Establishing a world-class academic medical center in downtown New Orleans(see LSRP, p. 44)
HCR 126 approved a business plan that allows access to $300 million allotted by the state for the construction of a new facility that will provide services to Medical Center of Louisiana in New Orleans, Veteran's Administration Medical Center and Louisiana State, Tulane and Xavier Universities.

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