Louisiana Speaks Regional Vision Poll Results
Published: 03/27/07
Authors: Louisiana Speaks
Source: Louisiana Speaks
URL: Click here to download the full document
PDF: 57 pages, 9.1 Mbytes

Louisiana Speaks recently completed one of the largest and most inclusive regional planning outreach initiatives ever conducted in the United States.

The responses generated from this unprecedented, privately-funded outreach campaign will now serve as the foundation for the Louisiana Speaks Regional Vision. Spanning parishes from the Texas to Mississippi border (including the Houma/ Thibodaux, New Orleans, North Shore, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Lake Charles metro areas), the Louisiana Speaks Regional Vision will provide the framework for local and parish plans to thrive in and serve as a guide for South Louisiana's long-term recovery and future growth over the next 50 years.

The purpose of this memo is to summarize the findings from that campaign and discuss their implications for the long range planning process now underway.


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