Toolkit Section D: Planning Assembly Kit
Published: 02.14.07
Authors: Urban Design Associates
Source: Louisiana Speaks
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PDF: 34 pages, 7.1 Mbytes

Neighborhoods, towns, cities, and regions are complex systems that consist of many different elements. The most appealing places are those in which there is harmony among all the elements that create them. Too often, though, each of these elements is designed and maintained by a different person or organization and each is designed according to different criteria. This sort of isolated planning seldom produces good results.

To remedy this, the Planning Assembly Kit presents information and concepts for separate disciplines in the form of a matrix. The matrix is a visual representation of the way in which the information contained in the Planning Assembly Kit is organized. More importantly, however, the matrix will enable you to examine each element separately, while still seeing it in the context of the whole. This is very important because it encourages your community, as you proceed with planning, to continue to take into consideration the effects (both positive and negative) of particular planning decisions regarding one element in the matrix in relationship to all of the other elements in the matrix.

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