Toolkit Section B: The Planning Process
Published: 02.14.07
Authors: Urban Design Associates
Source: Louisiana Speaks
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In the most general terms, planning helps your community decide what form it will take. Will it be compact or spread out? How will you use the land? Will you create discrete residential-only neighborhoods? Separate business districts? Mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhoods? What choices will your community make about preserving the natural landscape? About providing public amenities, neighborhood parks, and recreational opportunities for your citizens?

Do you want citizens to continue to rely predominantly on the use of automobiles? Or do you want to encourage modes of public transportation, bicycle use, and pedestrianfriendly, walkable neighborhoods? Planning helps your community identify opportunities to act responsibly as a steward and consumer of environmental resources. And planning can help you address the complex issues of affordability and accessibility for all citizens.

In more specific terms, how might these issues manifest themselves in your community?

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