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Important Tax Information
Find out more about free tax preparation assistance and tax refund programs for low-income individuals here

One New Orleans Road Home Fast Track Program
Mayor Nagin has announced a new program that would offer homeowners who owned property in the city prior to August 29, 2005 and who have an LRA number up to $50,000 in a low or no interest loan from J.P. Morgan/Chase bank and Liberty Bank. See our Homeowners section for more information.

Find Services and Recovery Updates Near your Home
With the New Orleans Community On One Page Address Search you can find out about services near your home as well as recovery progress in your area. Type in your address to see information about nearby schools, hospitals, crime reports, blighted housing, street repairs, and more. Click here for more information.

Public Safety
Find out about crime and how you can get involved in community meetings to prevent crime in our Public Safety section

Public Input Needed on Regional Rebuilding Plans
Louisiana Speaks is asking residents to weigh in on scenarios that will shape a Regional Vision plan. Find out more here.

Garbage Collection
Access New Orleans' new garbage collection information and debris collection information for other parishes in our Local Services section

Foreclosure Assistance
The Hope for Homeowners program can provide assistance and resources to homeowners facing foreclosure.

Affordable Housing and Rental Assistance
Contact organizations that can help you find affordable housing listed in our Renters section

Replace Vital Documents
View a list of options for replacing birth, death, or marriage certificates, IDs, and other vital documents here


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