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Operating as a nonprofit, KnowledgePlex, Inc seeks to help transform disadvantaged communities and neighborhoods by creating, maintaining, and innovating a standard technology platform for information and data that can serve a wide variety of sectors.

Our aim is to provide a platform that allows you to focus on developing your data, information, and story rather than on IT and software. By providing information and technology that will empower communities and neighborhoods, we hope to usher in a new era of accountability and impact-tracking.

Our Goals:

  • Promote standards across philanthropy and the public sector for sharing knowledge and local data.
  • Maximize impact and aggregate the costs of philanthropic and public sector investments in technology infrastructure, information collection and distribution.
  • Provide the learning platform that will enable the best minds to interact, participate, and make better decisions.
  • Grow public communities of information exchange that are vibrant and allow for user interaction for the good of all.

Our Products:

The technology platforms developed though our work are readily transferable to corporate, education, philanthropic, and other diverse organization applications. Read more about our products and services.

KnowledgePlex, Inc. works with many organizations to help them realize their knowledge management goals.

Contact us to discuss how are technology and expertise can serve your organization.