Office of State Planning Task Force Report  
Office of State Planning Task Force Report 

The task force charged with studying and making recommendations for the creation of a comprehensive Office of State Planning has released its report to the Louisiana Legislature.

The Louisiana Legislature established the task force during the 2007 Regular Session. The creation of a group to make recommendations on this issue was a 2007 legislative priority of the Louisiana Recovery Authority (LRA). The establishment of a coordinated State Office of Planning is a 2008 priority of Louisiana Speaks.

Among the report's recommendations are:

  • The state planning office should be located within the executive branch and include oversight by a planning commission.
  • The office should serve as a central repository for data and plans; provide technical support, including monitoring of local plan implementation and providing education and information about best practices; administer incentive and program funding to assist local governments and coordinate state planning efforts.
  • The LRA should serve as an interim location for the housing and development of the Office of State Planning, with the LRA conducting a statewide capacity assessment and adjusting its staffing and budget to perform additional planning implementation activities.

For more information on the Office of State Planning Task Force Report , visit the LRA homepage.

Click here to download a copy of the report.

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