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The key to keeping you involved in the long-range planning for South Louisiana is information. Over the next several months, we will be releasing a series of newsletters packed with vital information that will keep you updated as the planning process continues. The newsletter is intended to provide information about the ongoing planning process, to inform you about the latest developments, and to update you on a number of important issues related to the recovery and vision for the future of South Louisiana.

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This newsletter is the first of the series to highlight the progress of the long-term planning in South Louisiana. Included is an introduction to the long-range regional process as well as results from a survey of more than 2,500 Louisianans about their concerns, values and priorities as their region rebuilds. Additionally, it highlights several issues that will be addressed as planning moves forward.

Table of Contents:

Getting Started

Listening To Louisianans

Taking A Regional Approach

Storm Protection And Coastal Restoration

Rebuilding And Moving Forward

Planning For Our Future

With One Voice

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