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09.24.08 Your Voice E-Letter for September 

08.24.08 Your Voice E-Letter for August

07.22.08 Your Voice E-Letter for July

06.03.08 Your Voice E-Letter for May

04.29.08 Your Voice E-Letter for April

02.07.08 Office of State Planning Task Force Releases Report

01.09.08 Louisiana Speaks Releases GIS Data

12.28.07 CPRA Wins Gulf Coast Guardian Award

11.20.07 Louisiana Speaks Documentary Wins Emmy

11.20.07 Have you said thanks?

11.13.07 LRA Launches "Louisiana Gives Thanks" Campaign

10.24.07 Louisiana Speaks Documentary Nominated for an Emmy

10.22.07 LRA approves the remainder of its $200 million budget for long term community recovery

10.11.07 LRA Board Approves Louisiana Speaks 2008 Priorities

09.28.07 News from LA Speaks: New Websites, Lafayette Embraces the Regional Plan, Champions support the Presidential Debate in New Orleans and the WRDA bill

09.24.07 Louisiana Speaks Hits Grand Slam at State APA Planning Awards

09.12.07 LRA Board Approves Millions for Local Recovery Projects

09.07.07 LA Speaks, Where the Rubber Meets the Road

08.15.07 Louisiana Smart Growth Summit

08.13.07 The Next Energy Crisis

06.29.07 Louisiana Speaks Update

06.22.07 Louisiana Legislature Supports Task Force to Study Comprehensive Office of State Planning

06.05.07 CRITICAL HURRICANE PROTECTION PROJECTS: Tell Congress and President Bush to Authorize

05.02.07 Breaking News: The Louisiana Speaks Regional Plan is Here!

04.24.07 Please Join Us for a Presentation of the Louisiana Speaks Regional Plan

04.13.07 Advocate Opinion Staff writes about Louisiana Speaks Pattern Book

04.04.07 Louisiana Speaks Pattern Book awarded Congress for New Urbanism's 2007 Charter Award

03.27.07 Reg. Poll Reveals Citizens Want More Transit, Housing Options & Greater Investments in Coastal Protection, Educ.

03.17.07 More than 23,000 Citizens "Weigh-In"; Robin Rather to Present Complete Results and Analysis

03.15.07 LouisianaSpeaks.org Ranked in Top 10 Planning Websites for 2007

02.21.07 Draft Coastal Plan Public Hearings

02.09.07 LA Speaks: 1 Day Left!!

02.08.07 Newspapers Urge Louisiana Residents to "Speak Up!"

02.07.07 LA Speaks Polling Period Will End this Saturday

02.05.07 LA Speaks: More broadcasts of "Our Voice. Our Plan. Our Future."

02.01.07 Additional LA Speaks' TV Broadcasts

01.23.07 LA Speaks Early Bird Event in New Orleans Wednesday

01.23.07 Look for LA Speaks Inserts in Newspapers Tomorrow!

01.22.07 LA Speaks Regional Vision Polling Period is Underway

01.20.07 LA Speaks TV Special...Preview of "Our Voice, Our Plan, Our Future,"

01.19.07 LA Speaks Events Near You

01.15.07 LA Speaks, Sneak Preview of the Upcoming Ad Campaign

01.04.07 Speak Up and Encourage Others to Join You!

12.20.06 LA Speaks: Season's Greetings and Spread the Word

12.13.06 Public Weigh-In

12.07.06 Release of CPRA Preliminary Plan

11.30.06 Citizen Engagement

11.22.06 Louisiana Speaks:Thanksgiving Update and Review of LPB Broadcast

11.10.06 Gridlock 2050: LPB Broadcast of Louisiana Speaks Transportation and Land Use Planning

10.24.06 Louisiana Speaks--What We're Hearing

10.20.06 Analyst Sees Use for Louisiana's Expertise

10.06.06 CPRA & LA Speaks Working to Develop Regional Solutions to Coastal Restoration & Hurricane Protection

09.29.06 Peter Calthorpe, lead consultant for Louisiana Speaks, interviewed in San Francisco Chronicle

08.28.06 Louisiana Speaks: Executive Summary of Regional Plan Stakeholder Workshops

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